Life is running wild!

Well believe it or not I am still kicking and screaming! I finished one College class and I have one left to go. I just have a few more small sections of questions to answer.

I dropped learning dvorak, and learned qwerty again. I found out that one of the placement tests at The University of Akron gives a time typing test. I will be taking these tests on Monday so hopefully I’ll be able to switch back to dvorak without much of a problem afterward.

My uncle decided to get a new computer. So I ordered the parts and put it all together. Everything seemed fine. However, when ever installing software the system would freeze and lock up. The BIOS would not detect the drive until I powered off and powered the machine back on. When this happened I grabbed the sata cable and plugged it into my system. My system detected the drive and everything seemed to be okay. This lead me to conclude it was the motherboard that was bad, maybe faulty sata controller. Well I RMA’d the board and got a new one yesterday. Hooked everything up and I thought the problem was solved. Needless to say it was not and the same behavior started occur, however the BIOS still detects the drive when the freeze/lock-up happens. So I got an RMA for the hard drive and we will see what happens. I put and older IDE drive in the system and everything seems to work just fine so I don’t think it is any of the other components causing problems.

I was suppose to take the Red Hat Certified Technician exam on June 12th. Well the person that my professor had to talk in order to get the vouchers, waited to long and the exam center filled up. They are offering us July 24th which I suppose will work. It is just a pain because everything is going to start picking up by that time. What can you do though?

Well until next time…. I’m out!

Learning Dvorak…

First off I want to say I’m not dead yet!

So I decided to learn how to type with the dvorak keyboard layout. I had tried this once before, but I gave up! Surprisingly I remembered some of the layout. You are suppose to be able to type faster with the dvorak layout and I think I see how this is possible. There are many common words which can be typed only using the middle and top rows. Also the majority of the “letter” keys are typed with the right hand, which is easier for everyone who is right handed.

I started this adventurer a few days ago and to my surprise my typing speed is not all that bad. If I had to guess I’d say I am typing at about 25-30 words a minute right now. I presume that with some more practice I’ll be doing 40-50 words in a few more days.

Overall I am happy with the switch. Hopefully once I become more comfortable I will be able to switch between dvorak and qwerty without a problem.