DTV Delay…

This delay really ticks me off. I am not so fortunate to have cable or satellite like most of you. In general I am against the switch over because I had to spend over $50 with the coupons to buy 3 converter boxes for the TVs I had in the house. And so far $40 on better antennas. However, this is besides the point.

They have been telling people for over a year that they would need converters boxes. I’ve heard people say it was delayed because there weren’t enough coupons! Why are we running out of coupons now?!?! If there weren’t enough coupon we should have ran out months ago. Then I would understand this delay a little bit more. Instead we ran out a few weeks ago!

Now I’m stuck, I have only one roof antenna and sadly the signal is not strong enough to be split. This means that my other two televisions have to use Indoor Antennas. These two tvs get only 3 channels: 5, 8, and 43. 8 is the only channel that comes in without being choppy, 5 and 43 usually comes in decently, but there are some skips in the video. I live in the city, not to far from the broadcasting towers.

I was hoping for the switch over to see better digital reception. Now those hopes are gone. The government forces us to switch to a crapper service and then they delay the switch! I love dtv when it actually comes in, it’s 100x better, but if you below a certain threshold, it absolutely impossible to watch that channel!

I can’t switch between analog and dtv because I have other people in the house and it would confuse the hell out of them!