Blood Donation Adventure

So a few days ago I finally decided to byte the bullet and sign up to donate blood. I wasn’t going to donate unless if I was able to do it first thing in the morning, mainly because I had tests, in my last two classes.

Anyways, I was little bit nervous that I’d pass out or something like that, the main reason why I waited over 6 months to give blood. So yesterday was the day to donate blood. I woke up, ate a waffle and drank a glass of milk. Rushed off to school and just made it on time by the skin of my teeth! I hide my book bag and laptop, went down to the office to check-in (as I don’t have a class block 1), and then went to donate blood.

First, I had to look over a book which basically said if you have any type of disease or illness don’t bother to donate, turn around and go back. After reading the book, I checked in, and then sat down to wait for my turn. When I was called, they took my blood pressure, temperature, checked my iron count, etc… standard stuff. Lastly I had to take a test to make sure I could donate blood. The test asked if you were out of the country, had this or that medications, etc…

So I passed the “test” and I was ready to go. I had to wait for a few minutes for a bed to become available. The nurse who took my blood was very nice. She asked me if I had an arm preference and how I was doing. She put iodine on my arm, found my vein, and stuck me with the needle. I was off. She asked me how I was feeling and I said I was fine. My friend was talking to me and everything was going well. He then went to entertain someone else. Again the nurse asked me if I was feeling alright, I said yes, and then she told me that I was half way done.

Shortly after being told I was half way done, I started to feel a bit strange. I didn’t think much of it. The strange feeling got worse rather quickly. I was starting to feel lightheaded. As the nurse told me to let her know if I didn’t feel, I did just that. Right after I told her I wasn’t feeling well and that I was light headed, I got extremely dizzy and started to blackout. The nurse lowered the bed and raised my feet up (I guess this helps). The put cold wet rags on me and I eventually recovered. From what I was told I was very pale. I probably laid on the bed for about 20-30 minutes afterward. I eventually got up and went to get some sugar (cookies, chips) and fluid (water + coke). While I was eating I got sick to my stomach and I had to use the bathroom. Of course that had to have someone escort me to the bathroom to make sure I didn’t pass-out or anything like that.

I went back to the gym and stayed there until lunch. I missed my government class and homeroom. I went to donate at 8:00am and didn’t leave until 11:00am. I felt pretty shitty until about 2:00pm. However, I felt fine the rest of the day. Needless to say it was an interesting¬† experience. I plan on trying again, but drinking a lot more before I donate, and having the bed put into a bed position before I start.